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How it all started!


The first backpacks have been shipped!

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Why a reflective backpack?

Riding a bike can be very dangerous, especially in big cities like Hamburg.

For this reason, the entire surface, both the backpack and the fanny pack, is equipped with a fully reflective material.

With the additional light source you are more visible for drivers and you get through your everyday life safer.

You want to learn more about our goals? Hier learn more about our reflective backpacks and fanny packs.

Our values


Why is safety important to us? Here's a small example: In 2019, 87,253 accidents involving bicycles occurred in Germany alone, according to the Federal Statistical Office. Especially in the evening, both the footpath and the bicycle path become a risk factor. With our reflective backpacks and fanny packs, we want to get you through your everyday life safer and well seen!


We consciously focus on high quality in the choice of our materials and use only robust and durable materials to ensure more sustainability in the fashion industry. We want to counteract the fast-moving consumer behavior and have consciously taken a path with our backpacks and fanny packs, which is different from short-lived and seasonal fashion..


Creating great things with enthusiasm and ambition! From the Luminant Bag with its reflective surface and a sophisticated compartment system, an eight-person team with diverse and creative ideas developed. Each individual is driving the OAK25 journey forward day by day through their ideas. We do not stand still but work to make your life smarter and safer!

We are far from the end of our journey!

The last year was just amazing! We are looking forward to the new year and the continued journey with OAK25. With a cool team, a lot of discipline and a good portion of fun we are still far from the end.


We are Hiring!

You want to work in the OAK25 team? Here you can find all open positions! We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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