Emil Woermann und Jacob Leffers junge Gründer OAK25 Hamburg

Smart pocket system - Whether it's the backpack with its integrated laptop compartment or the Tech Organizer, where almost all your cables, hard drives or headphones fit. With our backpack and our Tech Organizer you are perfectly equipped for any everyday situation. Due to the reflective and padded straps, the backpack sits comfortably on your back and you can carry all your stuff in a relaxed way. With the integrated DeepL access compartment you have all your university stuff ready to hand, especially when it has to go fast.

Safe on the road and organised in the office
- The reflective material of the backpack makes you visible in the dark. With the backpack, other road users can see you better. So you can get through the city more safely with our backpack, especially as a cyclist.

Everything safely stowed away
- the smart compartment system of the backpack gives you enough space for all your important things. The Tech Organizer keeps your rucksack tidier and you no longer have to search for your tangled cables. For example, you can store all your charger cables or headphones in the Tech Organizer. Everything finds its perfect place in your backpack and in the Tech Organizer.

Timeless design
- The minimalist design of the backpack and Tech Organizer is timeless. The simple look allows you to combine the backpack with almost any look. The matte look of Tech Organizer is eye-catching and looks cool on your desk.

Support a young start-up
 - fancy innovative products? Do you want to support a young bag start-up? Then you've come to the right place. We are 19 and 20 years old, come from Hamburg and founded our bag label about a year ago. Learn more about us