Die Gründer Emil und Jacob der Marke OAK25


Everything started in the bicycle cellar of our parents….

Already at the age of 15 and 16 we dreamed of our own backpack brand, with which we would like to help make the world a little bit better by making road traffic safer.

We are Emil and Jacob, who grew up in the big city of Hamburg. Growing up, we often got into dicey situations due to the heavy traffic. This did not change with age and so we designed a backpack at 15 and 16 years, which should make the road safer!


From the idea to the startup

"Every day we went by bike to friends, to sports, or to school. For more safety, we were recommended high-visibility vests..."

We didn't think they were at all stylish and went in search of an alternative. We tinkered day and night in the bicycle cellar of Emil's parents. Besides our high school diploma, we found the time for our dream, especially at night. We talked to producers and designers and developed our vision. Reflective backpacks!

But how do minors start a business? 

We faced a big challenge. Every day after school, we met in the bicycle basement of Emil. We had the idea and vowed to put it into practice. We together. Emil and Jacob. Again long nights came upon us. We sacrificed our collective energy, savings and contacts for our dream.

After delivering several samples, our financial resources were depleted, but we had our dream backpack in our hands. The solution to our problem was a crowdfunding campaign. We presented our product on the Internet and from the sum of 20,000€ we would start the production of our backpack. We knew we had to convince with this campaign, so we could keep our dream alive.

The feedback from supporters on the Internet was gigantic! In just a few days we reached our goal, people loved the idea of a reflective, stylish backpack and wanted to support a young start-up.

The result:

Our backpacks bring you not only safer through the traffic, but also become a real eye-catcher through the highly reflective surface.

We are excited about the further journey and look forward to your feedback on our products.

Best regards from Hamburg
Emil & Jacob