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High quality backpacks and bags


Why our backpacks and bags are smart 

Our biggest goal is to make our backpacks and bags as smart as possible. Our backpack therefore is not only suitable as a laptop backpack or business backpack, but can also be wonderfully used as a bicycle backpack. A smart pocket system and a reflective surface equip the backpack with smart features.

Whether men or women backpack

The Luminant Bag is suitable as a ladies' backpack as well as a men's backpack. Both men and women can use the reflective backpackThrough a simple design, the backpack is almost unisex.

What a backpack must be able to do

We at OAK25 make high demands on our backpacks and bags. It is important to us that our development results in the perfect city backpack. It must be suitable for the modern city person as a bicycle backpack as well as a laptop or business backpack. Therefore, the backpack is designed with attention to detail for a safer and smarter everyday life. The Luminant Bag has to be safe, which is achieved by its reflective surface. 

Why our backpacks and bags reflect

Our backpack and our sling bags reflect in the dark. In this way we are trying to bring a little more safety to the traffic. Our bags have a fully reflective surface and make you visible at night. If a light hits the reflective backpack or the reflective sling bag the light is thrown back to the light source.