Bauchtasche von OAK25 beim Fahrrad fahren

reflective Slings

Reflective fanny packs from OAK25.

With our fanny packs we want to bring more safety into the traffic.

All products are developed with attention to detail for a safer and smarter everyday life.

Fanny packs from OAK25 are smart

But the reflective fanny packs not only look cool, they are also pretty smart. Not only the reflective surface of the belt pouch protects you in the dark! Each fanny pack has an ID-card, with which it is possible to register the fanny pack. In case of loss it should be easier to find the belt pouch again.

OAK25 Slings - the perfect festival fanny pack

For the festival visit our belly bags are super suitable. With their reflective material the fanny packs are not only a real eye-catcher but also very practical. For everything you carry around with you during the festival you will find room in the fanny packs.

Therefore our fanny packs reflect

Our fanny packs reflect in the dark. With them we try to bring a little more safety into the traffic. The fanny packs have a fully reflective surface and make you visible in the night. When a light falls on the reflecting surface of the fanny pack, the light is reflected back to the source.