What features a city backpack needs to have!

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The backpack is a much-loved everyday companion. Not only can you take all the important things you might need on a day, but a good backpack looks good and is fun to carry.


In this short blog post I'll show you what we at OAK25 pay attention to when we develop a backpack and why our Luminant Bag is your perfect companion for everyday life in the city.


What has to go in?

To help you find your ideal backpack, it is best to start by thinking about what you take with you every day. Is a laptop enough or do you need to transport a folder for documents from A to B? Should you also take a second pair of shoes and maybe an extra T-shirt with you?
Even though a small backpack might sometimes look good, it is no help if only your laptop and wallet fit in it.

My tip: Go through all daily companions in your mind and decide which model is best for you. Just because you like to take a lot with you, it doesn't have to be a tracking backpack ;)


Minimalistischer City Rucksack OAK25


Function vs. design. Or why not both?

Often you have to decide between function and design. Either you choose a chic, reduced laptop backpack, or a nerdy, function-filled backpack that looks like you want to climb Mount Everest with it.
A good backpack can do both! Our minimalist backpack "Luminant Bag" combines elegant design with a wide range of functions. 


What features does a bag need?

Whether men's backpack or women's backpack, a few features are simply must-haves. A padded laptop compartment, which also fits larger laptop models well, should not be missing in any backpack.
If you cycle a lot or take short trips outside, you should pay special attention to the water-repellent zippers. Nothing is more annoying when you arrive at your destination and the laptop has been given a little shower from the last rain.
But besides the essential functions, it's the small features that make a good backpack
Are there compartments for documents on the backpack? A compartment for an iPad? Hidden, anti-theft pockets?


The Luminant Bag can do all this and much more. Especially for cyclists, our backpack is perfect! Due to the reflective surface, you will not be overlooked by cars so quickly at night. 
Even small details, like our Found-Tool, with which your backpack finds its way back to you if you have lost it, show how far a backpack has been thought through.

You can find out more about our reflective bike backpack in our shop.


Here at OAK25, our mission is to create perfect everyday companions for urban nomads. Through smart features and functions combined with an elegant and minimalist design, we make your life easier.

We also guarantee personal support and easy replacement if something is wrong with your product.