How do I clean my backpack properly?

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Can the backpack be washed in the washing machine?

The most important thing to remember when you want to wash a backpack is that you should never put it in the washing machine! Due to the sometimes strong mechanical forces acting in a washing machine, both the outer and inner coating of your backpack can quickly be damaged. Other parts such as straps, buckles and zips can also be damaged much more quickly. Therefore, unless otherwise stated, you should always wash your rucksack by hand.

The same applies to dryers: your backpack usually has no place in them!

How to clean properly?

You should wash your backpack regularly to avoid sweat or dirt stains on your backack. If only light dirt sticks to your backpack, you can simply remove the dirt with lukewarm water and a cloth.

However, if the dirt has already adhered more firmly to the fabric, it is helpful to spill it out so that all the dirt in it falls out. You should also brush and rinse off any coarse dirt. Now you should prepare lukewarm water, for example with mild detergent, and soak your backpack in the lukewarm water. Then you can squeeze the padded surfaces such as the shoulder straps and back padding several times to remove sweat marks and odours. Then you should use a soft brush to carefully remove the dirt from the surface.

Then rinse the backpack carefully with lukewarm water so that no detergent remains in the backpack or in the fabric of the rucksack.

Drying your backpack properly

After washing, you should leave your backpack to dry in the fresh air if possible. Hang it upside down so that all the water can run out of the backpack. If you can't dry your backpack in the fresh air, you can also dry it in a dry room on a clothesline or clothes drying rack.

Under no circumstances should the backpack be dried with a hot hairdryer, nor should it be dried on the heater, as this can cause material damage to the backpack.

Storing your backpack

Make sure that your backpack is completely dry before storing it in a cupboard, for example, to prevent the formation of mould and odours. You should never store your backpack in a damp room.

Further care of your backpack

After you have cleaned your backpack, you can of course continue to care for it: it is very useful to spray the zipper with silicone spray from time to time. To do this, simply apply the silicone spray to the zipper (sled) and completely open and close it a few times. Afterwards, you can use a small cloth to remove any excess silicone spray so that it does not run onto the fabric.

We also recommend impregnating the backpack with an appropriate spray, as this gives the backpack additional protection against moisture and dirt. This way, you will be better able to withstand the weather and you will also have to clean the backpack less often.

Durable backpack

Maybe we were able to make it a little clearer to you in this blog that a backpack can become a companion for many years with the right care. With small cleaning steps you can make your backpack more durable and prepare it optimally for different weather conditions.