Christmas wishes - Who wishes what?

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Christmas wishes - Here we go again

Christmas is just around the corner. Here in our office, too, the Christmas spirit is slowly emerging. Outside it is getting cold and inside delicious snacks and warm tea are waiting for us at our desks. And here, too, the topic of wishes for Christmas is highly topical. This blog is all about Christmas and the wishes associated with it.

Christmas = The feast of gifts?

Let's take a little journey back in time to our childhood. When I remember my childhood and the Christmas season, I immediately think of the great anticipation of the gifts from Father Christmas. The note with my wishes for Father Christmas was almost endless. Wishes for wishes for material things were on the list and I was sure that Father Christmas would fulfil them all. After all, I was always well-behaved. But today, at least for me, the wishes look different. It is more about being together with the family, the special atmosphere on Christmas Eve and singing under the Christmas tree. Not for nothing is Christmas also called the festival of love. Even when I asked the whole OAK25 team, there was a change of heart. While as a small child they were also crazy about presents, today the desire for time together has come to the fore. Many have changed cities and use the Christmas season as an opportunity to see all their family members again.

Make a wish

Let's be honest, every one of us associates with the Christmas season also a wish. Whether it is material or immaterial, Christmas is and remains the perfect time for wishes. One person wishes for a new tablet, another wishes for world peace. So there are no limits to the wishes. The Christmas season is of course also very interesting for companies. They use the material wishes to make the turnover of the year. The starting point for the purchases of the Christmas wishes is the so-called Black Friday. There the companies lure the customers with attractive discounts and thus achieve record sales.

Fulfilling Christmas wishes with OAK25

Our wish is to bring more safety to the roads. Our reflective backpacks and fanny packs make cyclists in particular more visible on the road and take you and your loved ones through the dark season. They allow you to combine the material desire for a backpack with the immaterial desire for safety and health. Perhaps a family member already wishes for a rucksack or a fanny pack from OAK25. But if you are reading this blog and still looking for the perfect gift, you can make your wish for more safety for your loved ones come true with a reflective backpack or reflective fanny pack.

We wish you something

Christmas is the festival of love, wishes and gifts. The whole OAK25 team wishes you a wonderful Advent season and relaxing hours with your family and loved ones.