What should a backpack be able to do?

Daybag bei Tag- smarter Rucksack | OAK25

Backpacks can do a lot, your backpack too?

Backpacks have become an integral part of our everyday life. No matter whether you are on your way to university, to the office or to a meeting in the park. The countless rucksack variants make it possible to have the right one ready for every everyday situation. In addition, there are important functions that a backpack should have in order to get us through the day safely, dryly and smartly. This blog will focus on what makes a good backpack and why we have closed a gap with OAK25 in this large market with the Luminant Bag and the Daybag.

Rely on your backpack in the rain

In our beloved Hamburg, rainy days are more the rule than the exception. It is therefore especially important to us that our documents and our laptop get from A to B as safely as possible. As enthusiastic cyclists, we carry all our things in our rucksack. The Luminant Bag and the Daybag are equipped with a water-repellent material. Especially our laptop must not come into contact with moisture under any circumstances and should therefore be stowed safely. In addition to the water-repellent material, we have considered an additional compartment where the laptop enjoys additional protection in a separate compartment. These two factors were very important to us and we think that this is also essential for students and office workers who enjoy cycling as much as we do.

A backpack for more safety!

Cycling in cities is often combined with heavy traffic. Due to a lack of space, cycle paths often run right next to the road, so car drivers and cyclists are constantly confronted with each other. The issue of safety is therefore particularly important for cyclists. In the winter months the way to work and back is usually in the dark. In our opinion, visibility alone with the bicycle lights is not enough. Statistics also show that the number of accidents involving cyclists is constantly increasing. Ideas like illuminated helmets or reflective spokes provide additional light sources. However, in our opinion, a large area has been forgotten. A rucksack takes up a large area of the body when cycling. Why should this surface not be used to make use of it as a light source? With the Luminant Bag and the Daybag we have found a way of taking cyclists' visibility to a whole new level. The rucksack reflects the incident light back to the light source, making it easier for cyclists to see, especially motorists.

Comfortable backpack

Besides road safety, general health is also important. Especially backpacks, which constantly accompany our everyday life, should be equipped with the necessary padding for the back. Even on days when the rucksack is heavy, the carrying comfort should be as comfortable as possible and the strain on the back should be minimised. Our Daybag is equipped with padding on the back and on the straps. The padded straps help to make the carrying comfort as pleasant as possible and the padding protects the back noticeably!

The backpack market is large, diverse and broad. In our opinion, you should definitely pay attention to the above mentioned points and consider them when choosing your backpack. :)