Why our Essential Organizer is no longer called Tech Organizer

Der Essential Organizer auf dem Schreibtisch | OAK25

Essential Organizer not only for TechNiks

You have reached to us and told us that you use the former "Tech-Organizer" for other purposes as well. We were very happy about your creativity. Because of your good ideas, we have tested the product again. Our results: You are right! The Essential Organizer not only structures the day-to-day essentials for university life. For. other purposes, such as a toiletry bag on a trip, the Essential Organizer is also perfect.

Introducing the Essential Organizer

Our Essential organizer is designed to simplify the organization of small objects that quickly get lost even in a smart backpack. Your utensils will not only be better organized, but also specially protected. Of course, you want to protect not only your technical devices, but also other small essentials. We wanted to find out what other uses the Essential Organizer has. For this purpose, we subjected it to various endurance tests in our everyday life.

Nico's test: toiletry bag

Nico went home to his parents for the Christmas holidays. Following your recommendation, he used the Essential Organizer as a toiletry bag. In the different sized compartments was all hand space for his toiletries. The redesign of the Apple Pencil holder as a place for his toothbrush was especially creative. He was able to keep the toiletry bag super organized. The water-repellent material also made the Essential organizer great for use in the bathroom.

Thessa Test: Essential organizer as a cosmetic bag

The use of the Essential Organizer was also put under the microscope by Thessa. For our product designer, the Essential organizer has long been the multifunctional pencil case, perfect for university. She surely needed to get used to using the organizer as a makeup bag. But she noticed many small things, why the Essential Organizer is suitable as a makeup bag. The different pockets meant that different sized beauty items, from blush to brushes, could be stored in the Essential organizer. The water-repellent material also turned out to be an advantage here. What's especially cool is that her jewelry could also be safely stowed in the center section. Since beauty items such as powder break quickly, it is worthwhile to stow them safely. In conclusion, Thessa was convinced by the Essential Organizer as a "beauty" organizer. Since she is often on the road, she was pleased that the Essential Organizer can be easily and quickly packed and taken along.

Fabio's test: bicycle tour

The bicycle fanatic Fabio used the Essential Organizer on a short bike ride around the Alster. In order to have his most important bicycle utensils, he used the Essential Organizer as a bicycle bag. A mini bicycle pump, a patch, a new tube, as well as his camera easily found space in the Essential Organizer. The middle section allowed him to separate the contents from each other. When Fabio wanted to shoot pictures in between, he could easily reach his camera and connect safely stowed. The compartment system and the elastic bands make this possible.


We are looking forward to further suggestions and possible uses from you. In the implementations we tested, the Essential Organizer could be used as an all-rounder. This is the reason for the renaming. Whether as a tech organizer, toiletry bag, beauty organizer, or day-to-day stuff organizer; it organizes all your essentials.