Smart backpack - What makes it stand out?

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Should I place more emphasis on style or rather on order when choosing a backpack? This blog is all about the smart backpack and its possibilities. But it is also about you! Your lifestyle can and will have a big influence on your choice of rucksack.

Does smart mean smart?

Smart backpack, this actually has a meaning in two ways. Is a smart rucksack now a good-looking rucksack or is a smart rucksack more like a rucksack that has a well thought-out system of compartments and offers plenty of storage space for all your documents. In this blog we differentiate the word smart more by the fact that a smart backpack has a lot of storage space, room and many features. What kind of backpack does a student or person in the office need? Which smart features are important? How smart does a backpack need to be to go to sports or to visit friends? As the OAK25 team, we got to the bottom of this question.

Can the two smart areas be linked?

As Rucksack Startup we thought about how the perfect backpack should be constructed not long ago. In the best case, a smart backpack is prepared for everything. The backpack is then smart for a trip to friends as well as for the university day. But this combination is not so easy in reality. With our Daybag backpack we have tried to combine smart functions and casual comfort in our new collection. We think that we have succeeded very well. From a personal point of view, features such as weatherproof material, a comfortable and back-friendly fit and a reflective surface make our backpacks something very special. We also work a lot with our laptop. So in our opinion an integrated laptop compartment should definitely be part of a smart backpack.

With your smart backpack for sports

In your free time, a smart backpack looks completely different. Smart must often be the style here. A smart rucksack does not necessarily have to have a well thought-out system of compartments or a laptop compartment in its leisure time. And to combine exactly these two completely different definitions of a smart backpack is incredibly difficult. We are incredibly proud of our smart backpacks and of course we hope that you will find it smart for work and that you will be able to use it as a smart backpack for your leisure time!

Smart sports backpack

Finally we come to the smart sports backpack. Especially in the city many people do not like to take a big sports bag with them on the train or bus. With a smart rucksack, both hands remain free and everything finds its place in the rucksack. Depending on what hobby you are doing, space can be very limited. Nico, our working student, plays handball in his spare time. With the Luminant Bag he has found his smart backpack, in which he can put his shoes as well as his clothes. But a smart backpack can be as smart as a tennis racket or similar sports accessories as soon as the backpack reaches its limits.


Smart backpacks such as our Daybag or Luminant Bag can be used in many everyday situations and on the one hand they look smart and on the other hand they are. We would like to cover these two areas because sustainability is particularly important to us. In the best case, your backpack is so smart that you don't need an additional backpack and thus contribute your share to sustainability. So you are smart, your backpack is smart and your style is smart.