Cheap backpack - Will it make your everyday life easier?

Der Daybag am Tag - smarter Rucksack | OAK25

Good and cheap?

If you are looking for quality, you should take a close look at the backpack selection. Inexpensive backpacks are often not only poorly manufactured, they are usually also produced under poor working conditions and are not designed for long durability. In addition, you have to do without many small features, and for some probably also large ones. To make a backpack waterproof, for example, you need to make high-quality materials and additional coatings, which are ultimately processed together. The seam of a waterproof rucksack must not have any holes. During the development of our Daybag and Luminant Bag, we realised that a high quality material is definitely needed to ensure the longevity of the products.

Your backpack - your everyday life

Be aware that a rucksack will become your constant companion. With smart functions, your bag will make your everyday life a little easier. However, if you have an inexpensive backpack, your everyday life will become worse rather than easier. Far too often the zippers break or the seams tear in stressed areas. In addition, it's certainly not a good feeling if you're always thinking about whether your laptop is protected from rain or other everyday situations.

No question about it, even cheaper backpacks can give a good performance. In the end, however, quality and durability usually win out. And another factor: durable backpacks will give you more pleasure and are better for the environment, because you don't have to buy twice.

Buy sustainable - nature will thank you

Everyone has different requirements and needs one feature more than the other. But nobody can do without our environment. Inexpensive backpacks that break down quickly and do not predict a long service life are no fun and put an additional burden on the environment.

With our backpacks and fanny packs we want to make an active contribution to a more sustainable world and therefore we pay a lot of attention to high-quality production and durable materials. We also use as little plastic as possible in our shipping and send the goods climate neutrally with DHL GoGreen.

We assume that it is also important to you to make a small contribution to climate protection.