Winter bicycle tour - challenge accepted

Rucksack von OAK25 vor der Fahrradtour

It´s getting cold outside!

Now that the next bike rides with your friends and family, as long as the Corona regulations are allowing it, have been planned over Christmas and you have given away the perfect bike backpack with the "Luminant Bag" or "Daybag", the low temperatures and the long-awaited snow are also coming.

Cycling in winter - Only for real hardliners?

Everyday life in a snowy environment offers plenty of potential for a cool Instagram story. On the bike ride to the university, to work, or to the supermarket, arriving safely and dry is increasingly difficult. Luckily, our "Luminant Bag" and "Daybay" bike backpacks are also designed for these weather conditions. Our goal was to design a bike backpack that makes the roads safer. The reflective material serves this purpose. So our bike backpack is also made for cycling in snowy environments.

Bicycle tour - especially in winter

Bike backpack: check!
The question: where should the trip go? Due to the Corona crisis, public life is shut down, but there are still exciting destinations to discover during a winter bike tour. Preferably right in your neighborhood. Grab your bike backpack and head out on your next bike ride. Be sure to think of the right clothes! Just like your belongings in our bike backpacks "Luminant Bag" and "Daybag", you should also pack well in these times. So don't skimp on layers of clothing. There is nothing more annoying than arriving at your destination freezing after a winter bike tour.

Short days, cycling tour? No question!

The reflective bike backpacks "Luminant Bag" or "Daybag" are especially practical when the days are short. The longer it is dark outside, the more important the reflective coating of our bike backpacks becomes. But even if you make a quick bike ride to your friends in the evening, if the Corona situation allows it, it is important to be seen well in the dark. Currently, the days are short, the better that you have chosen the perfect all-round bike backpack.

Summer is coming and the bike backpack stays!

Bicycle tours should be fun, if you prefer to be indoors in the winter and use your bike backpack "Luminant Bag" or "Daybag" for everyday life, that's absolutely right. All the more reason to look forward to your next bike ride in summer temperatures. Or even a day-and-night bike tour, because our bike backpack convinces not only in winter, but also in the dark 😉.