One day with the Daybag

Daybag - reflektierender Rucksack | OAK25

What can the Daybag do?

Our working student Nico spent a day on the road for us to see how the new Daybag performs in everyday life. The daily way to the university is done by bike. And there we already have our first practical test. With laptop documents, a bottle of water and a snack, we leave for the university at 8:00 am. The daybag had no problems with the clothes and fitted very well to the back thanks to the padded straps. As so often in Hamburg, it rained a little and so the waterproof fabric of the Daybag could prove itself in a practical test. Having arrived safely at the university, Nico was not disappointed. All documents and the laptop didn't get a drop. The laptop was also secured in a separate laptop compartment, because nobody wants their beloved technical equipment to break down.

How practical are the compartments on the Daybag?

After the first lecture there was little time between the next exercise. After changing rooms, the required equipment and documents had to be unpacked quickly. As Nico reported, the compartment of the Daybag with its DeepL access was very practical and so nothing stood in the way of the next exercise after the quick unpacking!

In the dark with the Daybag

After further lectures and seminars it was suddenly already 8 p.m. and the bicycle path towards the flat was started in the dark. The Daybag is equipped with a fully reflecting fabric, which creates an additional light surface in road traffic. Especially in Hamburg, the streets are usually full and cycle paths are usually right next to the road. However, Nico felt well equipped with the Daybag and had the feeling that it was better perceived. The reflective material of the daybag immediately reflects the incident light back, making it possible for the cyclist to be perceived not only through the light on his bike.

Conclusion on the daybag

Nico's conclusion is more than positive. The reflective fabric gave him a feeling of safety in road traffic. Even rain did not bother the reflective daybag. Everything inside the daybag remained dry and the laptop compartment double secured his beloved Macbook. The large storage space also allowed him to take everything with him and the padded straps meant that he could carry everything without any loss of comfort!

He thinks the reflective daybag is super suitable for students!