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Casual and smart

Before we go deeper into the topic of the Casual Smart Trend, we should perhaps first explain the two terms. Casual is a well-known term, especially in the office. Many will certainly have heard of Casual Friday before. For people who usually have to wear a suit and tie in the office, Casual Friday is a day when they only have to come into the office with a white shirt. So to define the term Casual it can be said in a nutshell that it is an elegant and minimalist look. The word smart also has an almost identical meaning. We like to use the term to explain the well thought-out combination of compartments in our backpack. In the fashion sector, the smart look is often associated with a style, where few colours and classic everyday looks still have a great expressiveness.

Casual smart with backpack

Backpacks from OAK25 are smart. Not only the well thought-out compartment system is strikingly smart. The minimalist look can also catch the eye in the fashion sector. Especially in the evening or at night the inconspicuous look becomes a real highlight. Especially if you work a lot in the office you need maximum comfort in your bag. However, the look should not be rounded off by a bag that is too big, but by a smart and elegant bag. This starts with the choice of your socks and ends with the matching bag or backpack. So our bag is also very suitable for the casual look and will definitely enhance your outfit. With our backpacks, you'll always be casual smart.

A Casual Smart Look example

Let's start with our example with shoes. When choosing your shoes, make sure that as few colours as possible are used. With a pair of black sneakers or a sporty leather shoe you are very well equipped for the casual smart look. You should also not experiment too much when choosing trousers. A pair of black or blue jeans is a proven classic. And just such classics are definitely recommended for the smart look. Both when choosing blue or black jeans, a white t-shirt or shirt is perfect. Depending on the situation, of course, it's better to go with a shirt or a shirt. You should choose both variants without any flashy cuts. Because that is exactly what the casual smart look is all about. You want to stand out without many highlights. At best, the right accessory should round off your casual look. A timeless watch, a minimalist bag or a plain-coloured necklace can perfect your smart look.

Feel comfortable in the look

Every trend and every style must be worn with confidence. You will only be perceived with your smart look the way you want to be if you wear it with conviction. So make sure that you can identify with the casual smart look as well as other trends. The fashion world is huge and that's why there's a look for everyone.