Business casual is fashion! Our business backpack!

smarter Businessrucksack auf dem Fahrrad | OAK25

The Luminant Bag as business backpack

The office of OAK25 continues to be a hotspot for business backpacks. Business casual is lived here. Every little tweak is thought of with the often-discussed question: Is the Luminant Bag the perfect business backpack?

Efficiency through funcionality

The everyday qualities of a business backpack are usually measured by its functionality. The Luminant Bag is very suitable in this regard. The space allocation in our business backpack is well thought out and well structured. Whether laptop, tablet, iPhone, cardholder, essential organizer or notepad, every utensil finds its place in our business backpack. With the clear organization in your Luminant Bag, you won't lose time in a meeting while searching for your essentials. This is not only fun, but also appeals to your business partners.

Small tip: For the optimal structure of cables, sticks or even travel utensils; the Essential Organizer covers your need for that little extra organization.

Luminant Bag - reflective Backpack | OAK25

Business casual is fashion

A business backpack has to be functional, but for making a good impression in the office also requires the right look. Our promise: The Luminant Bag is business casual.

A classic, minimalist backpack that makes an impression in the office. Business casual is a broad term for fashion in the office. With our business backpack you have understood business casual. Just as in terms of functionality, the Luminant Bag is also convincing in terms of design. It is understood as a business backpack that makes your everyday life easier. You simply delegate the task of the business casual look to our business backpack and convince with your appearance and the focus on your strengths. You answer the style question - are you business casual? Does our business backpack fit your appearance?

Our business backpack can provide safety

Our smart business backpack convinces not only by its look, but also by bringing you from A to B safely. The reflective surface makes it easier for others to see you in everyday life. When office days start in the dark and end in the dark, it's always a shame. But for your business casual backpack, now is the time to shine. Everyone knows it, mornings are rushed, but you still won't be overlooked. All because of a business backpack. The Luminant Bag is not only the perfect business backpack in business casual look for cyclists, but also a safe everyday companion for everyone in the city.

The Luminant Bag, the business casual allrounder

With the Luminant Bag you combine functionality, business casual, safety and premium. The Luminant Bag is a well thought-out business backpack that makes your everyday life easier. Through the business casual look you make an impression and show your interest for optimal work processes.