Deine Bauchtasche. Dein Alltag.

We see fanny packs everywhere. Do you see them too? Whether at a festival, in the city park or simply on the street on the short way to a friends place. The fanny pack belongs to your outfit! Not only do all the most important items go in the fanny pack, it is always a fashionable exclamation point. Whether for vacation or leisure - the fanny pack is a clear MUST-HAVE!

Summer, sun, fanny pack

But what fits into these little companions? Sure: sunglasses, sunscreen, festival ticket, a few stickers and the classic: the powerbank! - Everything finds its place in the fanny pack. There are even said to be those who not only transport small things in it, but also realize trips to the beach through the small all-rounders. Bathing trunks or bikini in the fanny pack, towel over the shoulder, feet in the slippers and off you go! Your fanny pack turns bare skin into a whole outfit! Stylish and modern designs have taken the fanny pack from german tourist or street thug image to day-to-day classic.

Fanny packs in the winter?

It's clear, that fanny packs are a must-have in summer! But even in winter, the fanny pack from OAK25 becomes a real outfit enhancer. When sunglasses change into hats and sunscreen into gloves, the fanny pack still has room for your phone and wallet. Plus, a stylish accessory will make your winter outfit even more casual! During the winter walk through the city it is important to be on fleek by a fresh outfit. Also for winter sports enthusiasts, a fanny pack is not only a stylish plus when skiing or snowboarding, but also a practical addition. In winter, the fanny pack is a small but nice detail, which makes your outfit even cooler! As a styling idea, with a thick and casual knit wool turtleneck sweater, a fanny pack with sunglasses would create a striking and contradictory look. Especially in winter, when everyone goes out on the street wrapped up as cozy as possible, a casual outfit is an eye-catcher.

Fanny packs in winter!

If the pants pockets are not big enough, the backpack is too big and the hands should remain free, the fanny pack is a good way to combine the three conditions. You do not want to go without the functions and detailing of the outfit even in winter. Now the question arises: What must a WINTER fanny pack be able to do?

Water repellent as well as reflective material and sealed zippers, that's what our fanny pack, the Carryall Sling can do. Especially in winter, these features are a big plus. Of course, we have tested our fanny pack in the cold over the past few weeks. It was especially cool that our hands could always disappear into gloves or the jacket pockets. So our hands didn't have to freeze when we had to lug our belongings around.

In our eyes, a fanny pack is also a useful everyday simplification in winter. Especially for a spontaneous short bike ride, the fanny pack is suitable as a small alternative to the large backpack.